Thursday, May 28, 2009

Weight Loss is Easy

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I've always been telling people that weight loss is easy, but maintaining your weight is not easy! The challenge of weight loss does not come during the process, it comes after it. This is the reason why 95% of people eventually fail and gain back all the weight that they've lost.

Many people revert back to their old lifestyle after their weight loss, not instantly but gradually. This is the wrong perception that weight loss is just a one time issue.

In actual fact, it's very much like starting a business. It may be hard coming out with ideas but once you have one, it's fairly simple to start a business. When the business is successful, maintaining success becomes the hardest part. With the perception of weight loss is over when weight is lost, it's like walking out of the company one fine day, never coming back again, assuming that everything will be in order.

So remember! What we're fighting is not weight loss, it's weight maintenance. This is a constant struggle between your body and your brain, known as the bodyfat setpoint theory. I'll cover about this issue someday.

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Teck Bun
Former Obese. Diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in 2003. Weighing 100kg in my glory days, 30kg less now.
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