Friday, May 29, 2009

29/5/09 HBA1c

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5.3%! It was great relief for me considering I have been having less physical activity. Will post pictures of the reading up soon!

After some calculations, the average blood glucose level that I have is 6.2mmol/l or 111mg/dl.

Calculation is based on this formula - Mean Blood Glucose level(mmol/l) = (1.98 x HbA1c) - 4.29

My previous reading in December was 5.8%, that made me a little disappointed, but all is good now! I'm currently aiming for a 5% HBA1c level, ambitious, but I'll do it.

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Teck Bun
Former Obese. Diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in 2003. Weighing 100kg in my glory days, 30kg less now.
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