Saturday, May 30, 2009

Should you be getting out of your Comfort Zone?

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For people who have problems with weight, the real issue here is not about losing weight. It's about how to maintain your weight after you've manage to lose it.

I know many people love to try new diets, eating foods that they have never eaten in their life(grapefruit, cabbage) or even try to play with nutrient composition [low carbs, low fat, low (you name it)]. I'd admit that these diets really spice up your life a little, making your diet a little more exciting. When people go, 'hey, why are you eating all these nasty stuff?!', you reply proudly 'I'm on low carb!'.

But very often than not, these diets requires you to get out of your comfort zone, you're simply not comfortable doing it. Maintaining your weight is a lifelong issue, can you sustain eating these foods for the rest of your life? The first time I've tried extra virgin olive oil, I puked. The whole bottle was eventually neglected.

Have you ever failed in your diet, only to realise you've gone back to your old dietary habits? The ones you are more comforatable with? Well, here's the issue. You are trying to change too much, trying to adapt too much.

What I suggest is to really change your diet without affecting much of your comfort zone. Analyze what you're eating and see what's wrong. Cut down or replace these food with ones that you like but are much healthier.

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Teck Bun
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