Monday, June 1, 2009

Foot and Eye screening today

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Went to the medical centre to get my hypertension pills but the doctor suggested a foot and eye screening for my diabetes. These parts are vulnerable to complications that diabetic nephropathy will lead to, because of the lack of blood flow.

Got my Height and Weight measured. 70.6kg, 177cm. Lost some weight, been having poor appetite for awhile.
My blood pressure was way high!! I have white coat syndrome, that's probably why.

My leg was good, but the staffs were quite shocked when I entered the room, because of how young I was. They even asked for verification, just in case! Check was done first visually for any rots/spots that can indicate poor diabetic control. The staff advises me dry my foot thoroughly after bathing and avoid wearing slippers and flip flop that exposes the foot.

Next she uses a little pricking device just to test the sensitivity of my foot, it dosen't hurt or tickle, just a little sensation. Simple test, just say 'ahhhh' or something when you feel the prick touching you.

And then comes the vibrating machine, I have no idea what is this for, apparently for sensitivity check as well. She places it at different spots on my foot and I'll say 'ahhh' when I feel it. And then she'll adjust the vibrations lower to guage the sensitivity of my foot.

The eye test was pretty quick, first was just some reading test, the one you do when visiting an optician. After the test, a really powerful camera is used to take images of my eye. My iris was large enough, so I didn't have to apply a solution to artifically enlarge it temporarily. This machine is powerful! Felt like a flashbang when she took a shot of my eyes.

1,2,3 and then a huge flash goes off, blurring my vision for a few minutes. This was done to both my eyes and I really hope my precious rod and cones are not damage in this process!

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